Galaxy DAO is acquiring Gemtrade LLC. All rights, obligations and user information held by Gemtrade LLC and its trading platform, GEMFOREX will be transferred to Galaxy DAO.

After the acquisition, GemForex as a trading platform will no longer exist, and registered users of GemForex with outstanding funds held on the exchange will receive credit tokens known as GBOND in proportion to their credit rights.

GBOND as a token will offer various advantages conferred upon the holder with different utilities within the Galaxy DAO ecosystem, including the capacity to earn interest, liquid staking for rewards in publicly tradable crypto tokens, revenue-share entitlement, start-up investment opportunities and Galaxy DAO governance token entitlement.

Galaxy DAO are in the process of creating Trade Planets, a centralized trading exchange which will offer its users forex derivative trading products, with the view to releasing crypto-trading products in future.

This document will outline the details of Galaxy DAO’s acquisition of Gemtrade LLC, a brief overview of Galaxy DAO, what GemForex’s traders will receive in lieu of their funds previously held on the GemForex exchange, the benefits of what they’ll receive and options & opportunities for traders.

A full Galaxy DAO whitepaper is due for release at a later date.

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