Galaxy DAO’s acquisition of Gemtrade LLC is an exciting time for both the DAO and for former Gemforex traders. Gemtrade LLC suffered unfortunate incidents which forced them to suspend trading and halt withdrawals; Gemtrade’s underlying issues are in the process of being resolved but in the meantime the traders are the ones left wondering where the exchange will go and what will happen to their funds within it.

Galaxy DAO’s acquisition of Gemtrade LLC and subsequent issuing of GBOND will afford former Gemforex users a wealth of methods to utilize their capital held in Gemforex for profit, interest-earning vehicles, revenue share distributions, introduction and access to the cryptocurrency markets, investment into seed round companies and the chance to be part of a DAO & a new trading exchange which offers both forex and crypto trading options.

Galaxy DAO has strived to provide former Gemforex traders with a variety of options and a new Platform for them to trade forex and other products on, ensuring they are not left in the lurch, and will continue to assist traders in their investments and use of their credit rights.

Exciting times lay ahead for all involved with Galaxy DAO, and the DAO strive for the financial prosperity of their members, and Gemforex traders will be the newest and most versatile members.

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