stGBOND Tokenomics and Utilities

stGBOND is a wrapped token that adds liquidity to GBOND. By circulating on the blockchain, anyone can freely interact with stGBOND, expanding the possibilities of GBOND.

Ticker: stGBOND Chain: Polygon Token Contract: TBD

stGBOND will be publicly traded whereas GBOND will not (GBOND will only be issued to former gemforex traders based on their credit rights within Gemforex at the time of GBOND issuance. GBOND is not transferable or publicly tradable). Due to the fact stGBOND will be publicly tradable, it can be bought and sold by traders, investors and holders outside of Galaxy DAO.

Galaxy DAO propose stGBOND token to possess various utilities within Galaxy DAO and the Trade Planets exchange.

stGBOND proposed utilities include:

  • Convertibility to Trade Planets utility token (PNT)

  • Access to investments into startup and seed round companies in the Galaxy DAO Launchpad

  • Inclusion in Galaxy DAO governance through token utility

  • Practical Utilities in the Trade Planets exchange

  • Inclusion into raffles for token prize airdrops

Please note: the above utilities are proposed and are subject to change. Further details will be elucidated in the full Galaxy DAO Whitepaper due for release at a later date.

stGBOND Potential Value

Cryptocurrencies with utility tend to be valued higher, precisely because they are useful, and token utility often assists in raising the value of that token.

stGBOND possesses numerous utilities and confers various advantages onto token holders.

The fact that stGBOND will be publicly tradable means anyone can buy or sell it, but only GBOND holders will be able to earn stGBOND by deploying their GBOND into the Liquid Staking Pool (see heading 11, above, for more information).

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