GBOND Liquid Staking (Unlocked GBOND Utility)

After unlocking their GBOND, users will also have the option to deploy their unlocked GBOND into Galaxy DAO’s GBOND Liquid Staking pool.

Staking Unlocked GBOND in the pool will earn users an interest of 25% per annum paid in stGBOND, a wrapped token that adds liquidity to GBOND. stGBOND will be a publicly tradable token on the Polygon blockchain through DEXes and CEXes (more information in section 13, below).

Staking Period Earning Examples

Staking PeriodEarning RateExampleRedemption

6 months


10,000 GBOND=1,250 stGBOND


1 year


10,000 GBOND=2,500 stGBOND


2 year


10,000 GBOND=5,000 stGBOND


4 year


10,000 GBOND=10,000 stGBOND


As stGBOND is available for public commerce it will expand the possibilities of the token as well of Galaxy DAO and likely assist in raising the token’s value. Users earning stGBOND from Liquid Staking will be free to trade the token as they wish on DEXes and CEXes after their accounts are credited with the token

If traders wish to redeem their GBOND from the staking pool, they may return the amount of stGBOND earned during staking to reclaim their full GBOND amount.

Example: - Stake 10,000 GBOND for 6 months: redeem GBOND by returning 1,250 stGBOND upon staking period is completed - Stake 10,000 GBOND for 4 years: redeem GBOND by returning 10,000 stGBOND upon staking period is completed

Please note: the above utilities are proposed and are subject to change. Further details will be elucidated in the full Galaxy DAO Whitepaper due for release at a later date.

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