Galaxy DAO

Galaxy DAO is a new organization founded on the principles of prosperity, financial abundance, material wealth and psychological well-being.

Our objective is to bridge the gap between the worlds of traditional forex trading (fiat currencies, forex derivative products etc) and modern blockchain trading (cryptocurrencies, decentralized exchanges etc) by combining existing financial trading exchange frameworks with advanced models that utilize blockchain technology.

We aim to incorporate traditional users of forex exchange trading into a new type of trading platform, one which combines traditional & centralized trading tools with modern, decentralized ones.

We operate as a DAO in order to pursue the prosperity of our participants due to our aims of promoting innovation and enhancing community engagement. As a decentralized, user-participatory exchange we focus on community governance and the distribution of power and voting rights, rather than decisions being taken in perpetuity by a small centralized minority representing a large community.

However, we acknowledge that in the initial phase of any organization which aims to innovate on a large scale, there will be a large number of decisions which need to be taken quickly, efficiently and expertly in order to swiftly progress the advancement of the enterprise. If every decision was taken as a community governed one from the very beginning it would ultimately slow the growth of the organization and the launch of its products, which in our age of brisk advancement and swift innovation would be a hindrance to progress.

As such we aim to operate on a progressive decentralization model; a model which begins as a traditional organization, where decisions and directions are taken by a board of dedicated, full time leaders in order to ensure expedient advancement of products and organizational goals, which over time will progressively evolve into a community governance framework as decisions on DAO direction are gradually introduced as community voted ones.

We believe this is the most efficient way to quickly build innovative trading products and services whilst progressively decentralizing control and involving the community, eventually leading to full community DAO governance.

Galaxy DAO believe in the fusion of traditional & modern centralized & decentralized technologies, along with the fusion of traditional & modern centralized & decentralized methods of innovation & governance.

We take an amalgamated approach to the old and the new to ensure the prosperity of our users and our community members. We believe prosperity not only encompasses material wealth but also financial wellness and mental well-being, and we consider the concept of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization as a crucial element to achieving our goals.

Galaxy DAO Governance Token

Galaxy DAO will have its own governance token or tokens which will represent voting power as well as potentially share rights within the DAO. As Galaxy DAO is a progressive DAO, the governance token will not be launched at the inception of the DAO but rather later in the project.

Galaxy DAO is currently devising governance token tokenomics and details will be announced in due course on the Galaxy DAO full whitepaper (due for release at a later date).

The governance token will be issued on an existing blockchain and be publicly tradable.

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