Trade Planets

Trade Planets is a centralized trading exchange developed by Galaxy DAO and is the DAO’s principal product. Trade Planets will combine traditional and modern trading by providing a single platform where users can trade both forex and cryptocurrencies.

Trade Planets will begin by offering the ability to trade forex derivative products on a range of currency pairs. We will later introduce cryptocurrency trading functionalities like spot trading, storage and digital asset transfers. We will include over 100 cryptocurrency and spot trading pairs, including the largest coins by market capitalization, like BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC etc.

We will create a centralized exchange initially due to the strengths of the founding members of the Galaxy DAO team who possess a wealth of experience in operating centralized trading exchanges. This will also be the fastest route to create the Trade Planets trading exchange.

In future we may introduce or transition to a decentralized trading structure, and this will be decided through community governance through Galaxy DAO.

Trade Planets Utility Token

Trade Planets will have its own utility token which will be used in the Trade Planets ecosystem and be publicly tradable. Utility token holders are valued members of the Trade Planets community who believe in our goals & aims and will benefit from the growth of the exchange through token purchase and rising token values.

In this document we will refer to the Trade Planets utility token as ‘PNT’ (please note: this symbol may change in future).

Trade Planets Utility token tokenomics and further information will be elucidated in the full Galaxy DAO whitepaper.

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