Galaxy DAO Launchpad: First Rights for former Gemforex Traders to Startup Investment Opportunities

After the launch of Trade Planets perhaps one of the most exciting plans of Galaxy DAO is its Launchpad feature – an early round incubator for seed and start-up level companies showing promise in the tech sector, being led and scaled by members of Galaxy DAO who are experts in their respective fields.

Getting in on the ground floor of cutting-edge tech companies has a history of paying off handsomely, and former Gemforex traders will have the first opportunity to invest in these start-up and seed round companies through Galaxy DAO, before anyone else.

Former Gemforex traders will have the ability to invest in startup companies on the Galaxy DAO Launchpad before anyone else. Users can make investments using tokens (stGBOND or Trade Planets’ native utility token proposed) in exchange for a percentage of the holder’s chosen company’s equity based on that company’s valuation by Galaxy DAO.

Galaxy DAO plans to introduce the Launchpad feature in due course after scaling Trade Planets. Further information will be detailed in the full Galaxy DAO Whitepaper due for release at a later date.

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