GBOND Automatic Interest (Locked GBOND Utility)

During any locked periods the total amount of Locked GBOND will receive a ‘Delayed Damages Token’ as interest and will have the following conditions:

  • The interest rate will be set at 5% per annum and will be calculated in simple interest.

  • Interest will be paid in DDT (Delayed Damages Token) at the end of each month after the Locked GBOND begins accruing interest (at a monthly rate of 0.416%).

  • Interest calculations will be performed at the time of GBOND issuance and not any other time.

  • Locked GBOND will continue to accrue interest on this basis for whatever duration the GBOND is locked.

DDT (Delayed Damages Token) Redemption

The Delayed Damage Token (DDT) is guaranteed to have a value of 1 USD, just like GBOND. It will be added on the 1st of each month based on the total amount of Locked GBOND.

After all GBOND redemptions are completed, the redemption will begin in the order of issuance, starting with the Delayed Damage Token (DDT).

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